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The Sun Also Rises

 Author: Ernest Hemingway  Category: Classic, Fiction, Literary Collections

The Sun Also Rises is Hemingway’s first novel, published in 1926. This novel today is considered an exemplar of experimental and influential modernist writing.

Europe in the 1920s, a poignant entangled love story filled with romance, passion, love, loss and the power to endure. During the aftermath of World War 1, the story follows Jake Barnes, an American War veteran and journalist, and Lady Brett Ashley, an independent, wealthy Englishwoman whose lust for her newfound liberation and sexual freedom knows no boundaries.

Aptly named ‘The Lost Generation’ Hemingway depicts the suffering and disillusionment of this generation who grew up in the shadow of the first world war, the themes of passion, jealousy, exuberance, and masculinity all come to the fore. The novel follows the group of British and American expatriates in Paris and their decision to travel to Pamplona for the bull-running fiesta.