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  • Never Take Broken for an Answer

    Never Take Broken for an Answer

    We don’t get rid of tech easily in this house. The last time I upgraded my iPhone was 2020. I used to be right on top of the latest model, but I’ve moved away from that life. These days I’m into keeping tech running and useful for as long as possible. Three years isn’t really…

  • Leaving the Mac Behind?

    I’m really itching to get away from all things closed source as much as I can. One of the biggest is Apple. I’ve used Apple products for so long, they’re a huge part of my digital life. They’re easy to use, they just work, and they last a long time. So why do I want…

  • Coding Journey Update

    I first started learning to code in grade school – which is not that strange these days but in 1982 it was pretty groundbreaking. I wrote more about that on my dj-codes site. I started coding again in the early days of the web. I created sites from scratch and tinkered with HTML wherever I…

  • How I choose to link my reading list

    If you’ve ever checked out my Library page, you’ve seen my reading list. Sometimes everything changes and other times it looks like I take months to read the same book. That’s because sometimes it does. Sometimes I give up on a book that’s not really happening for me. No guilt. I read for pleasure, mostly,…

  • Messing around with Python and EV3

    Messing around with Python and EV3

    This used to be an embedded tweet. Since I don’t really do twitter anymore, it’s gone. Sorry. But maybe I’ll post about it on dj codes.

  • How the Bullet Journal Saved My Brain

    How the Bullet Journal Saved My Brain

    Note: This is a re-blog from my other site. Used with permission because, well, I wrote it. I said it was cool. I have a long and weird history with analog organizational products. Starting around age seven, I developed a mild folder fetish, spurred along by gloriously shiny document holders with The Muppets on them.…

  • A Very Minty Thanksgiving

    A Very Minty Thanksgiving

    My very special journey with Linux Mint About an hour ago, I went for my first post-Thanksgiving run, where not only did I play Frogger crossing The Big Street (sorry, Dad), I got a ton of ideas of things to write about. Then I got home, fired up WordPress and my mind went kablooey: Not…