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  • $180


    To say we’ve had a lot going on with our house since we moved in is like saying the 2024 political climate is somewhat polarized. There’s been a lot to deal with, and a lot to learn. Today’s was a comparatively small issue and a pretty quick fix. By a long shot, the least expensive…

  • Daydream Believer

    Daydream Believer

    I daydream a lot – that’s how I get my ideas. If I’m sitting in a café, I’m not on my phone because I want to hear my mind. I think that those periods of small solitude that we are really losing are so important. — Patti Smith

  • Bats!


    We have bats in our attic. And not the baseball kind.

  • None of My Business

    None of My Business

    I’ve spent a lot of time and energy — many lost hours and years — worrying how people perceived me. Whether or not they liked me. Did I say something weird or was I misunderstood? Was I dressed appropriately? Was that joke weird or did they get it? I’ve decided that what people think of…

  • Why Do We Think What We Think?

    Why Do We Think What We Think?

    Groupthink makes me cranky. The most important thing we can teach our children is to think for themselves. You might argue that teaching them to respect all other beings is a tad bit more important. I grant you, I thought of that as well. But I believe that if they can think for themselves, respect…

  • Keeping Up With the Joneses

    Keeping Up With the Joneses

    Just when I think I’m immune to keeping up with the Joneses, I wonder something like that. Is that what home ownership does to you?

  • Read, Rinse, Repeat

    Read, Rinse, Repeat

    There are a few books in my life that I reread over and over. Sometimes it’s ten or even twenty years between reads, but I always go back to them.

  • Measure twice, cut once

    Measure twice, cut once

    I’ve been thinking about this phrase a lot lately as we’re moving into our new home.

  • LA to Chicago: Day 5

    LA to Chicago: Day 5

    Finally! The last leg of the trip. We woke up tired, but ready to make the journey home. Home home. Our home.