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  • Update on Movie Reviews Plugin

    Update on Movie Reviews Plugin

    If you haven’t read my initial post on creating my first WordPress plugin, it will bring you up to speed. I’m still working on this. One thing I’ve learned is that if I spend too much time away from the project, I forget where I left off. It’s a good thing I’m writing about it…

  • Building a Personal Browser Start Page

    Building a Personal Browser Start Page

    If you’re like me, you have your web browser open most of the time while you’re working. Maybe you have a few tabs open, maybe you have over forty — yup, I heard someone say they had that many open at once. My Virgo heart almost went into spasms. I always tend to have a…

  • Movies and Books Collection

    Movies and Books Collection

    The Project: I wanted to create an online database where my family could view our movie and book collection at a glance. Users should have the ability to view, sort, search the collections. They should also be able to add, edit, and delete entries. It should be secure with user logins so no one else…