• March 2022

    Sometimes it seems like there’s so much craziness happening in the world, it’s hard to stay focused on our own lives.

    The invasion of Ukraine is bringing back memories of the Bosnian Airlift. In 1992-1994, I was stationed at Ramstein AB in Germany. Our unit worked directly on Operation Provide Promise, airlifting supplies into and carrying refugees out of the region. At the time, it was hard to imagine that genocide was taking place yet again in world history. After it was over, it was hard to imagine a situation like that ever happening again. But here we are.

    The invasion of Ukraine is not about genocide or ethic cleansing – yet. But the troubling rhetoric from Putin hints at that kind of future action.

    There are a few things we can do. How can I help Ukraine?

    There’s a similar kind of cleansing going on in Texas and Florida right now. Or at least, some first attempts. Yup. Right here in ‘murica.

    Ugh. I didn’t intend to just read the news to you today. I’m sure you’ve seen it all over your social media feed anyway. Sorry about that. I didn’t want to say nothing, you know? I never know who’s reading and might get something out of my words.

    Anyway, if you need to take a break from doomscrolling, I highly recommend watching Adrian Bliss videos.

    Take care of yourself.

    Grab a cup of something and let’s read:

    Summer Bird Blue, Akemi Dawn Bowman

    Yup, it’s a YA novel. One thing I’ve learned as an adult is to not disregard books that are written for a younger audience. After all, I still reread many of the books I read as a child and I still enjoy them. I’m talking about before my Stephen King phase at 13. This is a very dramatic story, and worth a read.

    From Bash to Z Shell, Peter Stephenson

    This novel is set in a dystopian computer world where there is no GUI, only text. Kidding. This is a manual for conquering the command line. I’ve been working in Linux more often these days and messing around with geeky old tech like my Wyse terminal. It’s fun for me, okay?

    Peace is Every Step, Thich Nhat Hanh

    This is a repeat from last month because I think this book is so important – especially in our current polarized poltical climate. Breathe.

    How I choose to link the books I share. A sort of linking manifesto.

    Quote of the Moment

    “Everyone with telekinetic powers, raise my hand.”

    Emo Philips

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