Computer Booping

I boop computers. These are posts related to my work in development, hardware rescue, and projects in my home lab.


  • 100% Free and Open Source ThinkPad

    100% Free and Open Source ThinkPad

    I’m writing this post on a ThinkPad T480, running only free, open source software. Why is that interesting or important? I’ll explain.

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  • Another HP Fixer-Upper

    Another HP Fixer-Upper

    I swear, I don’t have a thing for HPs. In fact, I never buy HP computers new. It’s just not my thing. They make some cheap laptops that are fine for students and the average home user. And that’s not me. But whenever I see an HP in the wild, I have a strong urge…

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  • Shutting Down the Main Reactor…

    Shutting Down the Main Reactor…

    As we prepare for our Big Move, I keep having these “doh!” moments where I suddenly remember something important that needs to happen.

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  • Why fedora is My Favorite Distro

    Why fedora is My Favorite Distro

    I’ve been running on Fedora for about a month now and so far it’s my favorite distro. I don’t know why I hadn’t seriously tried it before. But now it’s going to be my go-to for any new system I use.

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  • Windows 3.1 is alive

    Windows 3.1 is alive

    I went down a rabbit hole this weekend and found myself looking at a download of a Windows 3.1 ISO file. I haven’t used Windows 3.1 since Windows 95 was released. It was the first OS I used as an adult. When I was stationed at Ramstein AB in the early ’90s, our supervisor had…

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  • Giving an HP Pavillion Laptop New LIfe

    Giving an HP Pavillion Laptop New LIfe

    How it Started I saw an ancient HP laptop languishing on a table at a swap meet. I felt a strong pull from The Force that I had to rescue it. It’s an HP Pavillion dv6000, made around 2007. At the time, HP marketed it as an entertainment powerhouse, but even at the time it…

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  • WordpRess 6.2 and I Helped

    WordpRess 6.2 and I Helped

    WordPress 6.2 is out today, and I’m excited about this particular update. It’s a big one, and I’m proud to say that I contributed to many of the new and updated features. Contributing to the WordPress open source project is a big deal for me. I’ve made a lot of friends in the WP community…

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  • Linux on a Chromebook?

    Linux on a Chromebook?

    This is one of those projects where a lot of people would probably say, “But… why?” Sometimes I do things that don’t make sense to other people. That’s okay. My Chromebook Backstory TL;DR: My son wasn’t using his Chromebook, so I asked if I could mess with it. Skip Many years ago, my son Jacob…

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  • Why Linux Will Never Be Mainstream

    Why Linux Will Never Be Mainstream

    Linux has come a long way, baby. It used to be a geek’s chore of installing a distro on a machine, then hunting down firmware and software that would work with the hardware. These days it can be as simple as downloading a popular distro and installing it as you would Windows. Okay, I say…

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  • Update on Movie Reviews Plugin

    Update on Movie Reviews Plugin

    If you haven’t read my initial post on creating my first WordPress plugin, it will bring you up to speed. I’m still working on this. One thing I’ve learned is that if I spend too much time away from the project, I forget where I left off. It’s a good thing I’m writing about it…

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