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  • Moving


    In less than two weeks, if all goes according to plan, our youngest and I will be on the road, waving goodbye to California. Yipe!

  • Put It Down

    Put It Down

    Two monks were walking in the woods when they encountered an old woman standing by a wide stream. As they approached her, she pointed with her cane and demanded they carry her across.

  • Enough


    Do you have enough food? Do you have enough of a home? Do you have enough transportation?

  • How Long, Tempted?

    How Long, Tempted?

    I was today years old when I learned something new about two of my most favorite songs ever.

  • Shutting Down the Main Reactor…

    Shutting Down the Main Reactor…

    As we prepare for our Big Move, I keep having these “doh!” moments where I suddenly remember something important that needs to happen.

  • Coffeezilla


    I was prompted to make some coffee on the stove. Mmmmm, coffee.

  • Things You Can’t Throw Away

    Things You Can’t Throw Away

    It’s amazing how much debris gets collected over ten years. From crumpled receipts that probably should have been filed to empty Scotch tape dispensers, there’s just a lot of trash to sift through.

  • Goodbye, California

    Goodbye, California

    I will miss California. I’ll miss the views driving up PCH and on the 101 through Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. I’ll miss the Hollywood of my 20s, 30s, and 40s — all very different experiences. DTLA will always be one of my favorite places to hunt down historical places and imagine myself in…

  • That Time We Bought a Tesla

    That Time We Bought a Tesla

    We didn’t mean to buy a Tesla. Which sounds weird, I know. Was it an accident? No. We didn’t fall into a Tesla and accidentally sign for a loan. What I mean is that when we were shopping for a new car, we weren’t even considering one.

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