About Me

Like I said, my name is D.J. — and no, I’m not a DJ and yes, I’ve heard that one before.

I created this site to blog about the techie stuff I do, like develop web apps, write bash scripts, mess around with Raspberry Pis, tweak WordPress sites, and refurbish old tech.

Photo of D.J. beaming at you because D.J. is so glad you're here.

I’m a USAF veteran, but much of my career has been spent in graphic design, illustration and animation. I’ve worked in film and TV, and also in the courtroom, setting up presentation tech and managing databases. I’ve set up production “war rooms” in hotels around the world, setting up desktops, routers, printers, and configuring local networks for a small team of people who have had way too much caffeine and not nearly enough sleep.

When I’m not swearing at my command line, I’m writing, indoctrinating my children into 80s culture, running, hiking, and hopefully traveling more than we all did in 2020.

I’m also a prep cook and taster for my wife’s vegan cuisine. I get to eat all the things. You should be jealous.

I have five Apple laptops on my shelf that span twenty years. I don’t like to throw out tech. Some of them run Mac OS and others run whatever Linux distro I’m all crazy about this week.

Currently, my main computer is a System76 Darter Pro, running Pop! OS Debian 12 Fedora 39.

I’m an early adopter of the Fediverse. I’m also an early defector of Facebook, and I’m currently letting my twitter account waste away. You can find me on Mastodon.

I rescue websites at https://wp-dj.com.

I help individuals and small businesses with their systems: https://beep-boop-computers.com

You can reach me at dj AT dj-codes DOT com.