oodles of doodles. I like to draw. Napkins, bullet journal, actual drawing paper, chalkboards, cardboard, my body. When I am inspired I use whatever is handy.

  • Batty


    We just discovered that we have bats in our attic. We actually love having bats around, because they eat mosquitoes. We just don’t want them in our house. Relocation time for Batty.

  • Bee-doodled


    Buzz buzz.

  • April Showers

    April Showers

  • Books and Books and Books and…

    Books and Books and Books and…

    If there’s a moving box that’s not labeled “Books,” it’s odd.

  • Keep on…

    Keep on…

    We’re gonna keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on packin’ all through the night… (doodle of Greg Brady dancing) I doodled this in my bullet journal because I can’t get packing for our big move out of my brain.

  • We can see you

    We can see you

    I’ve always sort of admired anyone who picks their nose in public. I imagine you have to get into this super relaxed, childlike state… (doodle of guy picking his nose while driving) or dolphin like… (doodle of dolphin picking nose) where you fully believe that no one can see you doing it. We can see…

  • Yellow Bird Sauce

    Yellow Bird Sauce

    Whenever someone mentions “Yellow Bird Sauce,” this is all I can picture (doodle of bird pooping on a burger). I’ve never eaten it. For some reason, I don’t think the same way about “Rooster Sauce” (doodle of rooster giving side-eye).