Circus Envy

R.E.M.’s 1994 masterpiece Monster is full of rumbling guitars and big, fat drums. It’s… awesome. A departure for sure, but welcome. Okay, I think it’s a masterpiece and I come to you as a fan from the Murmur days. Opinions may differ.

I could do a Headphones post of every song on this album, but Circus Envy stands out to me as the most headphone- worthy write up.

There’s a lot going on here, but somehow it’s not chaos. Layered (the aforementioned rumbling) guitars and Michael Stipe’s echoey vocals are like a savory toasted sandwich.

If I were you I’d really run from me
I’d really, really wish that I were you

If you’re curious, Michael and Mike talk about making Monster to the BBC.

Put pepper in my coffee

I forgot to bark

On command

R.E.M. perform Circus Envy live in 2007


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