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  • Enough


    Do you have enough food? Do you have enough of a home? Do you have enough transportation?

  • That Time We Bought a Tesla

    That Time We Bought a Tesla

    We didn’t mean to buy a Tesla. Which sounds weird, I know. Was it an accident? No. We didn’t fall into a Tesla and accidentally sign for a loan. What I mean is that when we were shopping for a new car, we weren’t even considering one.

  • The Case Against Student Debt

    The Case Against Student Debt

    The solution to student debt is not to cancel it every few years, but to find a way to avoid falling into that trap in the first place.

  • Don’t give up, just go on!

    Don’t give up, just go on!

    “Washington Mutual, how may I help you?” That was me. I was sitting in the middle of a call center in the San Fernando Valley, with a headset on and my fingers poised at a keyboard. It was a late and chilly Thursday night as I worked the night shift as a CSR for Washington…

  • Another Desk Rescue? Yes.

    Another Desk Rescue? Yes.

    I know, I just posted last time about refurbishing a desk. In case you’re either growing concerned that I’m obsessed, or you’re thinking that I’m only going to write about desks for the rest of forever, you can relax. I’ll move on to other topics soon enough. The last desk was a super cheap Craigslist…

  • A Piece of Buried Treasure

    A Piece of Buried Treasure

    Have you ever imagined stumbling across buried treasure? I’m guessing a lot of us have. And maybe for a lot of us, the image of a chest full of gold doubloons being held onto by a pirate skeleton leaps to mind. Or maybe it’s Amelia Earhart’s plane. For some of us, stumbling on treasure might…