LA to Chicago: Day 3, Morning

It’s 6:00 AM and I’m sitting in an Albequerque mall parking lot. I didn’t intend to get up this early, and I’m not shopping for shoes. I’m charging Betty.

At 5:00 AM I was awoken by a little chime on my phone telling me that security mode would be disabled on the car due to low battery (21%). No biggie on the live camera, but when we went to bed the battery was at 24%. Hmm. The cold weather (41 degrees) must be draining it.

I tossed and turned a little, thinking that we should stick to our plan to charge after we leave the hotel. The supercharger is only 7 miles away and we have about a 53-mile range at 21%. Then I thought about traffic. What if there’s traffic?

I didn’t want H stressing about the charge, so I threw on my clothes and headed to the car while he stays under his cozy covers. It turns out there are almost no other humans driving at 6:00 AM on a Sunday morning in Albequerque, so it was smooth sailing.

16 charging stalls, nary a Tesla in sight. I have water, I have apples, I need… coffee.

Want to follow the trip in one convenient place? I made a page.

Or, skip to Day 3 afternoon –>


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