LA to Chicago: Day 5

Fairview Heights, IL to Wheaton, IL

Finally! The last leg of the trip. We woke up tired, but ready to make the journey home. Home home. Our home.

We skipped the free hotel breakfast and headed to Panera for bagels and coffee. We had a gift card from several years ago, so technically it was still free. Free tastes good.

Rainy and cold, H was asking if it’s always like this in Illinois and Chicago. I assured him that no, the sun shines in the midwest just like it does in California — just not as often, which for my taste is better anyway. He was also concerned that the trees were all “dead,” and I had to inform him that they are just dormant. Spring will come.

More state troopers. Not dormant. They hide in plain sight, but they still catch me off guard — which I’m sure is their plan. I’m proud to report that I got zero tickets during the entire trip.

There was some drama on the way, due to the shipper of our 1966 VW Beetle. The truck driver was not being very nice to Jenni during delivery and that kind of thing sets me off. Don’t mess with my people. It got resolved (sort of), and at least Helga is in our driveway.

We had to adjust our charging stop again. The cold really does a number on the battery. Instead of trying to make it to Bolingbrook on a wing and a prayer, we stopped in Normal.

H noted that Van Halen’s Unchained came on just as we approached the end of our journey. That was the first song that played when we started our trip in Los Angeles. Convenient bookends.

Now we are here. Here! Just waiting for the moving truck to catch up so we can unload — it feels like we just packed that thing yesterday. And with the cross-country trip over, a new adventure begins.

Want to follow the trip in one convenient place? I made a page.


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