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New Year: What’s the Big Whoop?

Last day of the year. Duh. Why do we make this so significant in our lives? In a practical sense, nothing really changes from the 31st to the 1st. It’s all in our heads, we make it up. Another Saturday to Sunday. Big whoop, right?

But it is significant. Moving from one year into the next carries weight because we make it that way. And why not? Milestones are important. Tracking our lives over the course of time gives meaning to all that we do.

Also, the new year feels like a clean, fresh canvas. It’s an opportunity to start being who we want to be and doing what we want to do from a clear starting point. And who cares if it’s all in our heads? Our perception of the entire universe is made up. So on this day, humans across the world collectively agree that it’s time to turn the page. That’s pretty cool.

Happy New Year!


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