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vegan burger and fries
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I’m going to be starting dinner soon, but I wanted to get something down here because I’ve been neglecting the blog lately. I’m making vegan burgers and fries. Not quite a gourmet meal, but we all love some comfort food. Anyone else could make it, and I can make lots of other things, but like vegan French toast it’s kind of my thing. I have a system down.

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It involves cutting potatoes, heating the oven (yup, we oven-bake our fries here) and preparing two cocktails all at once. The cocktails are part of the system.

Anyway, I don’t want to make this a cooking blog. If you’ve ever made or eaten a burger, you can probably guess the rest. It’s not hard.

And I was going to talk about now.

A couple weeks ago, a twitter friend turned me on to Now pages. It’s a simple concept that I latched onto right away. Here’s a rundown from the site:

Here’s mine on this site: Now.

I love the idea of creating a presence off of social media anytime I can. Long ago, in an internet far, far away, we used to visit lots of different blogs and personal sites and interact with those people. And we used to use our indoor voices, even when it came to politics. Imagine that. Now that social media has collected everyone in just a few different platforms, our friends and frenemies are all in one place so we don’t have to run all around the internets and find new content.

But while that’s handy and cool, I love breaking out of that system and going old school. Or maybe now it’s new school again? That’s kind of what this site is about, anyway. It’s my domain name, my content, hosted on a server I pay for. If my web host (Dreamhost) shuts down, I could take all my content and just move it somewhere else. If Facebook shuts down (unlikely as that may be), I lose everything. Besides, I just like owning my content, you know?

And I know that it’s not just me who feels this way. Jenni and I have a friend who started doing a ‘zine. On actual paper. Mailed in an actual envelope. Now that’s old school.

Even though I will update that Now page regularly, I’ll still be blogging here with longer thoughts. I’ll also keep sending out my semi-regular email so my three subscribers don’t think I was kidnapped by aliens.

If you like the idea of a Now page and you make one, please tell me about it!

I’m gonna go make dinner.

Now is on hiatus, but you can read the archives…

The Archives

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